Error: 1608, Severity: 18, State: 4

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Error 1608
Severity 18
Message text A client process exited abnormally, or a network error was encountered. Unless other errors occurred, continue processing normally.
Explanation This error occurs when a client process stops without informing Adaptive Server and a subsequent attempt by Adaptive Server to send results to this client fails.
Error 1608 is usually not serious and may be viewed as notification that a client process no longer exists. Some of the possible reasons a client process can disappear are:
• The client application was killed or ended abnormally
• The client machine was powered off or was restarted
• There is excessive network traffic
• The network has been shut down
Note Using Ctrl-c (on operating systems other than Windows) to break out of an application should not cause this error.
Action Do not be concerned if this error occurs only sporadically. However, if the error occurs frequently and continuously, or frequently for short periods of time, it may be a result of excessive network traffic or network problems.

If you suspect network problems, have your network administrator run diagnostics on the network between the client and the Adaptive Server machines to isolate the problem.
Version in which this error is raised
All versions